Remoska® has trained
3 generations of chefs
around the world

But you won't read about them in the newspaper. They humbly
remain in their kitchens, where they cook for picky children,
cooking healthy food to sabotage their husbands, and even for
mother-in-laws, for which almost nothing is good enough.
And yet - food cooked in a Remoska® is always a hit.

Remoska® has won the heart of the English

Thanks to Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines and Michelle Kershaw, Remoska® made it from the Czech Republic to England, and even got into Buckingham Palace. It’s been reaping success around the world.

  • 1 500 The number of Remoskas
    sold during the first week
  • 17 000 The number of units bought
    by the English in the first year
  • 200 000 + The number of roasting
    bowls we have produced to date

It’s been bubbling along for 60 years already

Each generation has tested it in their own way. Grandmothers used it for large families, mothers cooked healthy meals for picky children and daughters took their first culinary steps thanks to Remoska®.

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