We made our first
baking dish in 1957

And since then we've been giving it everything we’ve got.

1957 This is when the bake-off began. We manually assembled the first baking dish in Kostelec nad Černými lesy – a remoska.
1964 We had the uniqueness of our Remoska® officially confirmed – it acquired a registered trademark. She was already a big girl.
1994 Remoska® was growing right in front of our eyes. There was not enough space in Kostelec, so we moved to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. We now manufacture Remoskas in the middle of the Beskydy protected landscape area – and they are still handmade.
2001 The Remoska-mania broke out in England. We didn't expect the English to love our baking dish so much. In just one week and we had 1,500 fewer Remoskas in stock. Even Prince Charles got one as a birthday present. A lucky Remoska®.
2013 The time had come for Remoska® to grow up. She changed her shape, colour, and also reduced her energy consumption.
2019 In 60 years, Remoska® has found her place on 5 million kitchen counters. But she is no longer alone. Her family has grown with a new range of pots, pans and kitchen accessories. And we are interested to see what will come next.
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Remoska® is the love
of a lifetime

It has been passed down for 3 generations in some families.

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