Remoska® Tria

She learned to cook from her grandmother and she added a soft-pressure lid and a glass lid.

Remoska<sup>&reg;</sup> Tria

Available colours

With the Remoska® Tria, you can bake, stew and cook, even under pressure in a single pot. It works with all kinds of stoves, so it won’t let you down in the kitchen no matter what equipment you have.


Technical specifications

  • Capacity (volume) for baking 3 l
  • Capacity (volume) for cooking 4,5 l
  • Bowl diameter 28 cm
  • Weight 6,5 kg
  • Power input 610 W
  • Nothing sticks to it's sides.
  • It’s a well-made piece of cookware. If you dropped it, it would fall through to the neighbours below rather than break.
  • First-rate materials and almost space-age manufacturing processes ensure the durability of the cookware.

3 lids,
hundreds of options

If you have a cramped kitchen, then the Remoska® Tria is an essential part of your home.

  • poklice hrnce Glass lid With the glass lid, you can cook soup for your family that will warm your heart.
  • hrnec Soft-pressure lid The soft-pressure lid can handle a goulash which even a Hungarian would not be ashamed of.
  • hrnec Baking lid Under the roasting lid, prepare a chicken that will always have the crispy skin you remember from Sunday lunch at Grandma's.
  • hrnec Pot Just use a paper towel to wipe the cast aluminium bowl clean after use.
  • hrnec Stand The stand allows you to place the bowl anywhere.

Let the pot handle the pressure and cook effortlessly

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