Remoska® Classic

It can cook a quick meal for two, a romantic dinner and a large family lunch without breaking a sweat.

Remoska<sup>&reg;</sup> Classic

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Are you cooking for 2 or for 4?

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The Remoska® Classic - our grandmothers and mothers trusted the Classic to cook with at their cottages and on holiday, and their daughters took their first culinary steps with it.


Technical specifications


Remoska® Classic 2l

  • 2 l
  • 22 cm
  • 2 kg
  • 400 W

Remoska® Classic 4l

  • 4 l
  • 29 cm
  • 3 kg
  • 580 W
  • Not a drop of oil and yet nothing burns in the Remoska® thanks to the Teflon®.
  • Remoska® cooks without a drop of oil and does not lose any vitamins and minerals.
  • Thanks to the unique top-baking system, you will always prepare a delicious meal with a well‑cooked crust in a Remoska®.