Remoska® Vega

Prepares delicate pancakes as well as an honest, strong broth to help you cope with every cold.

Remoska<sup>&reg;</sup> Vega

Available colours

While producing cast titanium pots and pans, we’ve gained more than 60 years of experience in perfecting the Czech baking miracle - Remoska®.

  • Effortlessly handles everyday workloads, and thanks to ECLIPSE surface, you don’t need to use any fat when cooking.
  • With Remoska® cookware, you do not cook from the bottom only, as the heat quickly penetrates the inner walls of the pot. As a result, you save energy.
  • Remoska® pots and pans do not move on the stove, because we pay special attention when machining the bottom surface.

With Remoska® pots and pans,
you can cook anything

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